HTBM Solar Mobile Tower Lights offers a revolutionary lighting and power solutions to the work sites and contractors project field. Very useful for night working at remote area where electricity is not available. Specially designed for project sites.


  •  Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to Store (Solar Panels can bind on each other thus saving space
  • Environmental Friendly (No Fossil Fuel Used)
  • High Temperature Tolerance up to 80 °C
  • Isolated 100% Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Long Life LED Flood Light up to 50,000 Hours of Lighting
  • Free Running Cost
  • Automatic Lighting from Dusk to Dawn with an optional on/off Switch
  • Silent Operation
  • Free Running Cost
  • Easy to use: on/off switch or automatic on at night using sensor
  • Completely adjustable Flood Lights
  • Mobility: easy to transfer from one place to another