Stormwater exceeding the capacity of the conventional drainage system is attenuated by the control manhole and channelled into the TE SOAKAWAY unit assembly. The internal structure of each

unit is designed to bring surging water under control and hold it in temporary storage. If the wrap that envelopes the unit assembly is impermeable the water will remain in the unit assembly until such a time as it can flow back into the control chamber and discharge through the

outflow control. However if the wrap is permeable, the temporarily stored water may be released into the surrounding ground; soil conditions permitting. By controlling the stormwater at source and recharging the local groundwater it not only eases the pressure on conventional drainage systems but benefits the local environment as well.

Key benefits

  • Significantly reduced risk of flooding and its consequences.
  • Controlled and reduced volume discharge into existing main sewer systems and water courses.
  • Aerobic purification stimulated within the system improves water quality.
  • Sustainable, cost effective management of the water environment.
  • Recharging the local groundwater.